Georges St-Pierre Book Signing @ Barnes & Noble The Grove at Farmers Market

Georges St Pierre @ Barnes & Noble The Grove at Farmers Market

Georges St-Pierre @ Barnes & Noble, The Grove at Farmers Market

April 23, 2013 – MMA fans came out to The Grove at Famers Market to meet mixed martial artist Georges St-Pierre at Barnes & Noble for his book signing.  I arrived at the book store around 11:30am to pick up my wristband to purchase my book book since their website indicated that their shipment of the books was delayed.  I originally wanted to be there when the store opened but I have been having problems sleeping.  When I arrived, I was provided the temporary wristband and was told told to check back after noon to see if the book had arrived to purchase.  Since it was time for lunch, my friend Mike and I decided to grab a bite to eat at the Farmers Market to kill some time before we left back to the Valley.  After lunch we went back to the bookstore so I can have my parking ticket validated and I noticed that the books for the signing had arrived.  I picked up a couple copies for my friends that were not able to buy the books that early in the day.

Since I only live a few miles away from the Grove, I decided to go home after I purchased the books and to come back just before the signing was scheduled to start.  I arrived back at the Grove around 5pm so that I can complete a trade with Bryan(Brightside1983).  After we completed our trade, we had plenty of time to kill so we decided to head out to the Farmers Market to grab a drink.  I usually get a bite to eat just before the signings there but I was still full from lunch so I just bought a bottle of water.

Around 6pm we decided to head over to the Barnes & Noble to line up and wait for GSP to arrive.  While waiting, one of the employees of Barnes & Noble advised us all that GSP would not be signing any memorabilia since there were a lot of fans there for the book signing.  Since they always say that no outside items are allowed, people still had their items ready just in case GSP would sign our items.

GSP did not arrive until about 7:20pm.  Only a couple of media photographers were on site to capture the signing, so press photos went quickly.  When signing was finally on its way, the fans in line look to see if the first group of people were able to get their memorabilia signed.  Unfortunately the person in charge of the signing would grab your book from you and had it off to another person and from that person to GSP.  They do this so that you would not be able to hand anything to him to sign other that the book.  Only a few fans were lucky enough to get their item signed only because they were quick to get their item out and they wanted it signed with the same marker that GSP was using.  I was only able to get my book signed and when the help of my friend Mike, he get the book jacket signed for me when it was his turn to meet GSP.

After GSP finished signing for maybe for maybe 140 people, a few fans were off on the side with of catching GSP on his way out.  Only a hand full of people were able to get their items sign.  Even though GSP was in a rush to get out of there, he still took the time to get the names of the people he signed for.  He did this so he can personalize each outside item that he signed.

Geoges St-Pierre - The Way of the Fight (Book Jacket signed with broad blue Deco - Book signed with black Sharpie)

Geoges St-Pierre – The Way of the Fight (book jacket signed with broad blue Deco – book signed with black Sharpie)

Lamar Odom @ Glendale Kia – Glendale, CA

March 9, 2013 – Laker and Clipper fans came out to Glendale Kia to meet and get an autograph from Lamar Odom.  Fans lined up as early as 8am for a signing that was scheduled for 2:30pm.  The signing was slated to be an hour long.  Lamar rolled in about 3:15pm and the line to see him contained 350+ people.  As fans were escorted into the showroom, they were told that only one item would be signed person.  I did not stay till the end of the signing so I am not sure if Lamar stayed to finish the line.  From what I saw as I was driving away, the people at Kia had cut the line and started a “Stand By” line.

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom

Michael Cooper @ Gardens Casino – Hawaiian Gardens, CA

March 5, 2013 – The Gardens Casino in Hawaiian Gardens hosted an autograph signing with Michael Cooper and a couple Laker Girls.  This event was advertised by ESPN 710 just a few days prior so not many fans were there to show support.  I got to the event just thirty minutes prior to the scheduled start time and there were less than twenty people in line.

Michael had arrived over an hour late due to traffic and said a few words before the signing started.  As the signing was underway, the people of ESPN advised us that Michael would only sign two items per person but if time permits we would be able to get back in line.  Since Michael arrived late, you would figure that he would sign the duration that he was scheduled for.  This was not the case.  The casino security had cut the line so that the signing would end on time.  Luckily for me I was so close to the front of the line that I was able to get back in line to get additional items signed.  When I got to Michael the second time, I got the same photos signed for a friend of mine that could not attend the signing at the last minute.  He was supposed to go the the signing with me but he needed to attend to a family matter.  I told him that I would try to get his items done for him.

Below are the photos that I got signed for myself.  I was not able to get the same inscriptions for my friend because I did not want Michael to call me out as a dealer.

Michael Cooper with

Michael Cooper with “LA Lakers Champs 80, 82, 85, 87-88” inscription

Michael Cooper with

Michael Cooper with “We Got This” inscription. Too bad AC Green personalizes everything or else I would have him sign this when he does a signing.


Davis Drewiske, Colin Fraser, & Jake Muzzin @ Staples – Long Beach, CA

February 26, 2013 – Members of the Los Angeles Kings came out to Staples in Long Beach to meet with fans and sign a few autographs.  The three that appeared are Davis Drewiske, Colin Fraser, & Jake Muzzin.  Originally, the Kings Goaltender Jonathan Quick was scheduled to be at this appearance but was replaced just an hour before the event by Davis Drewiske.  Most of the fans that were in line were there just to meet Jonathan Quick.  When they heard the news, some of them just left.  We were told by the Kings Ice Crew that Jonathan was going to therapy instead.

For this signing I was planning on getting some photos autographed but since Drewiske was added at the last minute, I was not prepared.  I was able to get Fraser on two 11×14 photos and Muzzin on one 11×14 photo.  We were told as we walked through the doors that the each player would sign two items for the fans.  I’m so used to having the talent just sign one item and me sneaking in the second.  But don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about them allowing the two items each.  I just wish that all signings were like this.

Jake Muzzin

Colin Fraser

Colin Fraser - Ducks Suck

Colin Fraser with “Ducks Suck” inscription

Marcel Dionne & Daryl Evans @ Kings Pregame Fan Fest

January 19, 2013 – To celebrate the return of hockey after a long “Lock Out” and the season opener, the Los Angeles Kings had hosted a Gregame Fan Fest outside the Staples Center on Chick Hearn Ct.  Of the festivities, there were plenty booths set up for the fans to enjoy.  The Stanley Cup was present for fans to take photos with if you were there early enough.  There was also a booth sponsored by Toyota and the Kings Alumni Association which had Marcel Dionne & Daryl Evans signing autographs for those who wanted one.

I was able to get Marcel Dionne to sign two photos and Kings jersey with a little help from a friend.  I was also able to get Daryl Evans to sign a photo for me as well.  I was surprised that not that many fans were in line to meet Marcel being that he is a Hall of Famer.

Tommy Lasorda @ Skechers Factory Store – Fullerton, CA

Tommy Lasorda @ Skechers Factory Store - Fullerton, CA

January 17, 2013 –  Fans of all ages came out to meet Legendary Dodger Manager Tommy Lasorda at the Skechers Factory  Store in Fullerton.  Tommy was scheduled to help promote a line Skechers shoes that are casual and comfortable.  Since this event was not well advertised, when I arrived there were maybe twenty-five people in line.  The guidelines for the event was that you would need to make a purchase in the store that day to receive two autographs from Tommy.  Many of the people in line just purchased a bag of candy from the store, which is not bad considering you would get two autographs for under five dollars.  I decided to purchase some socks since they have them for a good price.

As time came near for Tommy to arrive, the line has doubled since my arrival.  When Tommy arrived, the fans in line cheered in joy while others that were near me in line booed.  I don’t understand why they would want to be there if they are just going to boo a person just because they represent a team that they don’t like.  It really sucks that they would have the nerve to do that.

When the signing was well on it’s way, fans came out happy with their items but there were few that were disappointed in the way that their items came out.  Tommy was nice enough to add “HOF 97” without hesitation until from what I heard is that a lady disputed that she had two wristbands and that she should then receive four autographs.  From that point on, Tommy was not doing inscriptions.  I also noticed that since the store was not cutting off the wristbands of marking them off, some of the people that got their items signed would cut back in line towards the front.  With the line being recycled by some, it made the line seem like it was not shrinking.  This made the store employees react to cater to the customers that did not receive and autograph since the signing was only for and hour and a half.  At that point, there were maybe seven people in front of me and they decided to change the two autographs per person policy down to one autograph per person.  I was planning on getting two photos signed but since they changed the policy, I decided to get the photo of Tommy with Jaime Jarrin completed so that I can frame it and hang it on my wall.


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Los Angeles Kings “Meet the Players” 2013

Los Angeles Kings

January 12, 2013 – With the NHL “Lock Out” coming to an end, the Los Angeles Kings came out to meet their beloved fans.  This event is reserved for the “Season Ticket Holders”.  I am unfortunately not a season ticket holder because I know that I would not be able to go to all the games.  I was able to get tickets to this event by reaching out to a few season ticket holders to see if they were going.  I was lucky enough to score two tickets so I decided to invite my friend Larry.

When I got to the Staples Center, there was a huge line of Kings fans eagerly waiting to enter the building.  As the time came near for the doors to open, the line looked as if it could wrap around the entire Staples Center.  When we finally made way through security, we were handed maps to inform us of where the players will be signing autographs and where the lines begin.  Larry and I headed to the line that Jonathan Quick was in since he was the main one that he wanted to get an autograph from.  There were many people in the line for Jonathan Quick that from the time the signing started to when we were able to get our autographs, two hours had passed.

I had Jonathan sign my Kings away jersey.  With this jersey, I hope to get the entire Stanley Cup team.  After Jonathan, Davis Drewiske, Matt Greene, and Kevin Westgarth signed my jersey as well.  Larry and I tried to make it to another line to get more autographs but they all have been closed due to the time remaining till the events end.

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New Items on the Trading Post 12/2/2012 (Baseball)

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Howie Kendrick 8×10 Photo
By:  LBSwag3

“Sweet” Lou Johnson Baseball
By:  Brightside1983

James Loney Baseball
 By:  LBSwag3

James Loney Baseball (UpperDeck)
 By:  LBSwag3

Brandon League Photo
By:  Brightside1983 

Andre Eithier Mini Bat
By:  LBSwag3

Andre Eithier Baseball
By:  LBSwag3

Andruw Jones 5×7 Photos
By:  LBSwag3

Andre Eithier & James Loney Mini Helmet
By:  LBSwag3

Upcoming Appearance: Mauricio Cienfuegos @ ESPN Zone at L.A. Live

Mauricio Cienfuegos
Thursday, November 29, 2012

ESPN Zone L.A. Live
1011 S. Figueroa St,
Los Angeles, CA 90015

New Items on the Trading Post

A few more items have been posted to the Community Trading Post thanks to Big Ed 1975 & Brightside1983.  Please check out the new posts and make them an offer if they have something that you are looking for.  If you have something that you are willing to trade, please feel free to post a new thread for others to see what you have available.  (Please no commercial postings.)

Arianny Celeste & Brittney Palmer

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Jonathan Quick

Luc Robitaille

Mike Trout

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Tommy Lasorda

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